MCC Meeting 8/12 @ Noda Brewing Recap

On Monday evening members and nonmembers joined at Noda Brewing to get the scoop on who Mint City Collective is and what we aim to accomplish going forward. This will recap what was discussed, questions that were made, as well as what you can do to help us, and how to easily contact us with further questions, suggestions and comments.


Who is MCC

  • If you’re just hearing about us we are an organization of people who live in the Greater Charlotte region dedicated to bringing and supporting an MLS franchise in the city of Charlotte

  • Most of us who have structured MCC so far have backgrounds with involvement of Charlotte's sports fan culture. To name a few:

    • Jack’s Militia (Charlotte Independence)

    • Queen City Outlaws (US Soccer)

    • Roaring Riot (Carolina Panthers)

  • We see soccer as an opportunity to bring Charlotte together as a community

    • We hope that through soccer Charlotte can find it’s identity similar to how Charlotte took to the Hornets in the 80’s we see this as an opportunity to reunite the community as a whole with the added value of supporting a local Major League Soccer franchise.

    • Natives and transplants alike can help foster the growth of sport in community. As a Collective we bring together people of all walks of life and hope to foster that greater community.

    • We have an opportunity to build a storyline that is uniquely Charlotte. An authentic story and message serves as a rallying point to connect the community to the team. - from initial evaluation

  • Derived from soccer fans of all walks and levels. Our interest is to bring all levels of passion to the group.

    • Diehard supporters of European or central/south american or mexican clubs.

    • International soccer fans.(ie Pancho Villas Army, American Outlaws)

    • Casual fans looking for another reason to get out and see Charlotte get a club of its own.

    • Transplants looking for a team to support without compromising their affiliation. This is big considering many people already have an affiliation to the sports teams where they’re from, this allows the opportunity to feel a part of something in their new home without breaking allegiance from their original home.

    • Families - from the casual soccer fam to the up throughout the week at soccer camps families, we support them all. To build a foundation of youth with the energy and passion, but the acceptance that we can foster a fun safe environment for anyone to tag along.


For now the thing we wait for is an announcement that Charlotte will be an upcoming expansion club. So, in the meantime… What can we do?


  • Engage.

    • We know it’s only a matter of time before MLS comes to Charlotte, we as the Collective must do our part to build the culture and be inclusive of all people wanting to be involved

    • Invite people to events. Talk to people about who we are. Encourage them to engage with us. 

    • Social content is our largest form of exposure and we will continue to be coordinated with those that follow us.

      • Events will be posted on social platforms as well as updated information via email.

      • Members have been invited to join our slack social channel to be more engaged.

        • The channel has channels regarding anything from MCC happenings to our fantasy soccer league. Any form of dialogue is encouraged, just be respectful.


  • Embrace

    • With time being the only thing between us and an announcement be ready to celebrate.

    • Once Day one comes to fruition, Day Zero becomes much more important.

      • Committees were asked about and this is something that as time comes we will be able to piece together. We encourage if you want to be involved with anything(Community events, Tifo, game day activities, travel) please contact us and inform us of your intentions. The more that people help us the more organized we will be going forward.

      • Building fan cultures can make or break franchises, we believe Charlotte has every capacity to be emulated with our passion. From domestic, to European and of the America’s, the different fans can and will bring a different variety to our town. We believe embracing that which has succeeded at other clubs and trying to eliminate errors clubs have made in the past.

    • Culturally, we expect a variety

      • With as many diverse communities in the Charlotte region, everything from tailgates to songs in the stadium will range greatly. We will accept it all. Feel free to come up with a chant or a song. Include something about MCC in it. 

  • Events

    • We will hold occasional formal meetings like this one at Noda as a way to continue bringing each other together, touching base with where we are, and what's coming up

    • Independence game September 7th

      • If you don’t want to pay the extra fees, call Patrick Valdez(info at the bottom of the link)

    • USWNT Versus Korea

      • There will be plenty of events surrounding this one. Please follow the Queen City Outlaws and keep up with us.

        • There will be a TIFO building event at some point, so join them in building a monsterous display that will hang from the rafters at BoA. 

        • Also night before party and tailgate. All the bells and whistles for the World Cup Champs.

    • Footgolf

      • I am working to organize a Footgolf Tournament, and encourage people to begin thinking of whom you want to bring out.



We’ve had great interest in the surrounding area and want to include everyone. So we are introducing the idea of Chapters to help bring each town or neighborhood together and build each community up.

  • Any regional town can have a Chapter

  • Chapters can host events and it’s encouraged that surrounding chapters support

  • For now to gauge interest please email us with your location and a specific venue(bar, brewery, town hall, bowling alley etc) that you could hold a chapter. As information comes up we will devise how we will continue building the chapters.


  • We know the jerseys are awesome

    • We know you probably like that scarf too

    • Those are specific to the Gold Package

  • Future merch is in the works, we want it too

  • We will eventually expand to women, children, and more variety of items.

    • Let us get our bearings straight first.


Please feel free to reach out to us on social, Slack, or email. If you have any questions we can only answer them if you send them our way. All suggestions are welcome. Please feel free to engage with us as much as possible.


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