MLS Charlotte to provide an affordable season ticket 

(Photo: Timbers Army/Sharat Ganapati)


by Russell Varner

The cat is out of the bag. MLS is coming to Charlotte. It is finally official.

Of course, you know this. You probably wouldn’t be subscribed to this newsletter or checking out our website if you didn’t. That’s not why you are here. But while you’re here, we wanted to talk about a question we've seen all over the internet this week. You want season tickets, you want to put down a deposit, but you're asking yourself (or your significant other is asking you), how much are they going to cost? 

Good news, Charlotte soccer family - it’s going to be a lot more affordable than you think. The average price for season tickets in supporters' groups sections for the 2019 MLS season is around $400 per person for 17 home games. Seventeen games! That works out to an average of less than $25 a game for some of the best seats in the house. (Of note before we continue: The prices we're going to discuss are for season tickets in the supporters' sections right behind the goal. You can read more about that here, and know that the Mint City Collective is already working with the team on securing those sections in Bank of America Stadium.)

Season tickets in the supporters section range from less than $300 for the likes of FC Cincinnati and Real Salt Lake and up to around $500 for the likes of Atl*nta United and Toronto FC, depending on team success and where you want to sit.

The good news is that since Charlotte is an expansion side, it's easy to assume the price will be on the cheaper side of the league, a la FC Cincinnati - though you know what happens when you assume things. On the other hand, Tepper and Co. could go the way of Los Angeles FC, which charged $35 in some sections per game in their debut season in 2018 (with 17 home games a season, that comes out to just under $600). It’s hard to gauge exactly what to expect, but the deposit prices for various sections on the team website should help give you an idea on where the higher-priced seats will be. 

And before you go worrying that all of this may be too pricey for your tastes, just consider: The cheapest season ticket you can get for the Charlotte Hornets (I’m talking the nosebleediest of the nosebleed seats) is more than $500 a person. Carolina Panthers season tickets (even after buying a $1000 minimum PSL) start at $560 for fewer than half the number of games. And those seats, again, are going to be about as high up as you can be in Bank of America Stadium. 

The fact that the cheapest seat deposits listed on Charlotte’s new MLS site are labeled "supporters' section" should be a good sign for the Collective too. Creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere will be a priority for the team (which it should be, along with putting the team itself together).

All that said, MLS season tickets are among the best values in professional sports and, compared to the Hornets and Panthers, you won't need to worry about breaking your bank account in 2021.

I hope Santa brings you and your loved ones a few deposits for the holiday season! And be sure to sit with us!

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