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Officer Elections 2022 - Mint City

Mint City Collective Members!

Thank you for doing your research on our wonderful slate of candidates for our 2022 election to serve during the CLTFC 2023 season. All are fantastic MCC members and would be excellent in their chosen roles if elected. Please read their information carefully as you consider your vote. For The Crown!


Becca Mitchum

Hello my name is Becca Mitchum and I’m running for MCC President. Community is one of the most important things to me, and while I’ve found it here at MCC, I want to make sure others find it too.  I want to lead this amazing group of people to success however they define it, by whatever means necessary. I want to represent this group in the soccer social sphere and do what’s best for the Charlotte soccer community. Many opportunities have presented themselves to get to know other supporter group leaders and members and grow personal relationships with them.  These relationships helped me with initiatives such as teaming up with other female leaders and create La Femme Footie, a women’s group comprised of all CLTFC supporters groups. As a member of Mint City, I have started the women’s chapter of MCC, with the intent of making women feel like they have a voice in a primarily male sport. I’ve also contributed to creating Tifos throughout the season as a co-lead.  As President I plan to continue to volunteer my time as needed and support MCC and CLTFC.


Brandon Lewis

My name is Brandon Lewis and I am running for Mint City Collective Vice-President. I am running for this because, not only has Mint City become a family to me, but we have the opportunity to continue growing and serving the community around us in the Carolinas. We can continue making an extremely positive impact to what Soccer/Fútbol/Calcio means to everyone (Adults, Children, pets) in the Carolinas.

I grew up in Gastonia, before coming to Charlotte. Starting Soccer at the age of 3 and now living the dream of Sunday league with the RetireMints. Soccer has been a constant. A constant that brought me to attending 49er Soccer and the Independence matches during my time at UNCC and attending the MCC Noda meeting in mid 2019, not sure what to expect, but here we are.

I hope to have met most of you at some point through tailgates, watch parties, meeting, but I think most people will know me as the Tifo guy. For the first season, I held the position of Tifo Committee lead under the SG Council. Working with my co-leads and starting from scratch, we accomplished something no other MLS team has done. A tifo/choreo for every home match. In order to accomplish this, I have been a part of the Supporter Group Council, as Tifo Lead, communicating with the team, stadium operations, security, and other SG leaders throughout the season. The logistics, communication, networking, and physical effort that this entailed has given me unique experience/expertise that I can bring to this position and continue to work with the Council to further both MCC and the experience for all supporters of CLTFC.

In my professional life, I am a Senior Civil Engineer here in Charlotte. I have a great understanding of handling multiple priorities, team communication, community involvement/partnership, and day-to-day logistics. I will bring this experience into the collective journey as we move forward into Season 2.

To sum this all up, I am here because I believe in who we are as Mint City and our mission as a SG. I will be active in listening to all Members and supporters, striving to represent y'all everyday, in the SG Council and within our leadership, and working to make a lasting impact in our communities. Mint City is an amazing Supporter Group that I'm proud to be a part of. We are a family, a Collective.

Welcome One, Welcome Y'all!

Matt Swift

Hi, I'm Matt Swift.

I've been the Communication Director since 2019. I'm running for Vice President because I want to remain on and continue the great work that David Gusler and Matt Chantry have started. I already know all the ins and outs of the role and understand the real commitment it takes to accomplish things. I know the other Supporter groups' leads, and I can work well with them to get things executed. I live and breathe MCC and Charlotte FC, and it would be an honor to continue to be an officer and represent this fantastic group.

Communications Director

Kelsey Wiese

Hi I’m Kelsey Wiese and I am running for Communications Director. I am currently the co lead of the Fort Mill/Rock Hill chapter of MCC and the girl who was running around tailgates last year asking everyone for group pictures.  When I joined MCC I didn’t know much about soccer or supporters groups so when I saw Matt Swift asking for help on the communications team at the beginning of last season I figured that was a great way to get me out of my comfort zone and meet new people. Helping Swift last year made me fall in love with MCC and soccer but it also made me realize we need way more female representation in soccer, and one step towards that is females on supporters group boards. If I win I would use my experience from last year to help keep current (and future) MCC members active and engaged through social media, the newsletter and of course through all of the tailgate pictures.

Kate Kosturski

At the heart of MCC are its members, and the way to keep that heart beating is growing the membership base.   Growing the membership base is only done through effective, captivating communication, something I can bring as Communications Director.Between my day job in sales and my freelance work as a journalist and social media manager for several comics websites, I know a thing or two (or several) about communication. I know how to reach folks in the best way possible by creating content that makes people stop, look, and realize how much they want to be a part of the MCC family - - content that not only gets the message across, but looks fun, and is appropriate for the right channel. In our first year, we have a great communication foundation that can only grow in our second year, and with the experience and energy I have, I can make that vision happen as Communications Director.

Tailgate Lead

Chris Harmon

Did you enjoy tailgating with MCC in the 2022 season? Did you enjoy access to free local craft beer? Did you enjoy authentic street tacos, Argentinian bbq, and New Belgium brats? Did you play soccer tennis or beer pong? Did you enjoy mimosas on those early morning tailgates? If so, I'd love to run it back in 2023 for you beautiful people. Tailgating is my passion. <insert gif> I enjoy making sure everyone has a great time and would love to continue it.

Gameday Lead

Osmin (Oz) Hernandez

Hello MCC family! My name is Osmin Hernandez but I go by Oz.

I am excited to announce my intention to run for Game Day Lead! I am running for this position to continue as well as enhance the traditions we’ve built as a Supporters Group for CLTFC! Soccer has always played a major role in my life. I have coached it, played it, refeered it at the professional level, and I’ve also worked with teams in the administrative side. As a Day Zero member of MCC I would love to bring my passion and devotion for the sport to this group and it’s members, and I hope to give back at least a portion of all the love and support this group has given me. Thank you for your consideration!

Trey Eskridge

If you found the chants were awesome, the drums brought the rhythm and vibe, the tifos being spectacular, and you felt like we had the best atmosphere in the whole league and wish that to continue again in 2023.  Then I’ll be glad to help bring the noise and the ruckus yet again to keep the party going!

IT Director

Jeff Eklund

Hello All,  I have the Treasurer and then later on the official IT Director for MCC for the past 2 years. I have helped lay down the foundation for the website, subscription system, Merch Tent at tailgates, and talked with as many as I can at the tailgates! I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the MCC leadership and giving you all the best possible experience each and every day. There are plenty of other great qualified candidates that are deserving of this role as well!

I would be a great leader in continuing as the director of IT since ready to make the user experience a lot better this year on the website. I also have streamlined the Merch Tent payment processes and establish a good system to move the line as quickly as possible for folks.

Chapters Director

Eric Hill

Current "Interim" Chapters Director excited to continue as the full CD for the 2023 MCC year.  After being brought into the interim position about 2/3 through the season, assisted in the creating of 2 new chapters (University and Upstate SC) as well as helped coordinate breathing a little life back into a couple more that were fizzling out.  As the season was winding down, got started in the initial talks for chapters in new areas, including Shelby, Steele Creek, Charleston SC and Columbia SC... with hopes to have them ready for the 2023 season.  Was also the initiating push behind the chapters' tab covers for the final match. 

For 2023, planning to get more involved with the relationship between each chapter and their watch location to improve the mutually beneficial support of each other, hopefully including more/better food or drink specials for MCC watch parties and more advertising to draw better crowds.  Also planning to pick up where we ran out of time this season trying to coordinate group travel opportunities for non-Charlotte chapters to attend some home games and tailgates with the rest of MCC and the other SGs.

Vote for me for CD ✌️

Richard Clark

Hello, my name is Richard Clark, but most folks around here call me “Opa”. My wife and I founded the MCC-Concord chapter earlier this year and have learned a lot about what to do – and what not to do. As Chapters Director, I will take that experience, blend it with the lessons learned by other chapter leaders and feedback from our members, and use that collective knowledge to help make the 2023 MCC chapter experience even better than it was in 2022!


Seth Wiese

Hi my name is Seth Wiese and I’ve spend the last year as a co-lead for the Fort Mill and Rock Hill Chapter. Being a chapter lead has helped get me out of my shell and meet new people and grow my love of MCC. I would love to continue working for this group but in a new capacity as the Treasurer. This would combine my love of numbers with my love of soccer and help me get more involved with the MCC community as a whole.

Outreach & Community Director

Elizabeth Alicea

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Alicea and I am running for Outreach & Community Director.  I believe working in the nonprofit world for 5+ years makes me a great candidate to serve. I have experience working with volunteers to host successful events, identifying and developing partnerships and have been responsible for keeping track of over $3 million in sponsorships and donations. I look forward to supporting the mission of MCC by serving in a leadership capacity while helping us give back to our community!