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05/13/23 - CLTFC vs Atlanta United - Ticket & Tailgate

05/13/23 - CLTFC vs Atlanta United - Ticket & Tailgate

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Atlanta Takeover - 05/13/2023

Last year we took ~200 people to Atlanta and rocked the place! Let's run and back and come back with a W! This year we've partnered with Charlotte FC and some of their sponsors to cover some of the expenses. Your game ticket and transportation (if you choose) is covered! Charlotte FC's sponsors will provide some drinks and snacks.

 Package Includes

  • Bus trip (optional)
  • Tailgate with food (tacos) and drinks (beer, liquor, soda, water)
  • Game ticket in the away supporters section

 There are three options:

  1. Ticket & Tailgate (no transportation provided)
  2. Bus, Ticket, & Tailgate (just a day trip, down and back)
  3. Bus, Ticket, Tailgate, Overnight Stay, Bus back (the hotel cost is NOT included in the package, a discount link is listed below for a 1 night stay at the REVERB by Hard Rock. 1 night stay is $250.81. Each room has 2 double beds and there can be up to 4 people per room.

Hotel Information

Reverb by Hard Rock

1 night stay / $250.81 (USD tax included )

Link for Discount Code