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MCC Pride Summer Scarf
MCC Pride Summer Scarf
MCC Pride Summer Scarf

MCC Pride Summer Scarf

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When we say, "Welcome One, Welcome Y'all", we mean it. 

The grand symbol of the rainbow flag stands as the symbol for those within the LGBTQA community, and the allies that live outside. Mint City Collective exists as an ally within and out, as well as bringing positive awareness and influence within our communities and beyond.

With their vision, Time Out Youth states they intend to inspire inclusive communities where all youth are equally empowered to reach their true potential, along side their mission to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning youth by offering vital programs, fostering unconditional acceptance, and creating safe spaces for self-expression through leadership, community support and advocacy.

Their activism, inclusiveness and community support align with the standard Mint City Collective has set forth in our mission to better influence our communities in every way we can.