• A Quick Intro to MLS 101

    Let's do a quick intro to the league, and then you can follow along throughout 2020 as we get you ready for what we hope to be the first MLS game played in Charlotte.
  • Announcement Tuesday the 17th? Let's go.

    FC Charlotte, Charlotte SC, One Carolina United Athletic Club... this soccer club (and hopefully, MCC) could be our chance to unite all of us seeking to make Charlotte our home under a new banner.
  • A Note from the President

    When the team plays here, we will be loyal. When we fill the stadium, we will sing with passion. Forever, we will represent our city and our region. Be loyal. Be passionate. Be Charlotte.

  • 2019 MLS Awards showcase both new and familiar names

    We here at the Chronicle want to spend the next, oh, fourteen months or so, introducing you to MLS as a whole. This week, we look at six players and a coach you really should know about: the winners of the 2019 MLS Awards.
  • Charlotte City Council simply pauses MLS hype

    This delay doesn’t feel like the council is backing away from the funding. Rather, I think they want to make sure that this decision doesn’t appear rushed, is done in public and involves the new council. Frankly, it seems to be all about optics.
  • No, Really: It's Time to Strike.

    Now it’s time to turn those ideas into action. We’ve been using #TimeToStrike since MCC’s inception, but now, it really is time to strike. Let me tell you why.
  • MLS Cup 2019 Completes a Trilogy

    In case you checked out after Atl*nta Un*ted got knocked out (or just haven't been paying attention for whatever other reason), here are a few things to know before kickoff.
  • The Front of the Line

    "The people I'm talking to suggest that Charlotte is far and away the most likely candidate to get that team. I was wondering if you could comment on that and also just what Charlotte's bid brings to the table." Hallelujah.