• 7 Days in Spain: Creating a Culture

    I couldn't help but look on with some envy, hoping that soccer in America might reach these heights, that Charlotte's team would not only win on the field, but bring a starving fan base with it for generations to come.
  • 5 advantages for Charlotte's new MLS club

    Charlotte MLS has advantages to leverage that will carry beyond the hyped first season when "the new car smell wears off" in a historically fickle sports market.
  • MLS 101: Conferences and Rivalries

    At the end of this period of expansion, MLS will have 30 teams, which will be the most of any top-flight soccer league in the world. Buried within two conferences are a myriad of rivalries (and cups), and what fun are sports without rivalries?
  • MLS team HQ at Eastland moving forward

    It has been nearly eight years since the City of Charlotte tore Eastland Mall down. Now it looks like there’s a plan for the long-neglected site, and yes, it involves Charlotte’s MLS team. 
  • February means MLS! But first, Concacaf Champions League

    What you may not know is that there are plenty of meaningful and competitive matches happening sooner than the regular season opener, matches which involve the top teams in Major League Soccer.
  • First Steps into a Larger World

    It's time for us to strike – time to join in on the goodness that's happening here, time to take our first big collective steps into the Charlotte soccer world, and time to build relationships that will make 2021 an inaugural season to remember.
  • What to Expect When You're Expecting MLS

    So you have been granted a Major League Soccer franchise? Fantastic. Now that the initial burst of adrenaline from the announcement has died down, we need to talk about what happens next.
  • Spend Tepper's Money: DP Edition

    Even though there is still more than a year until MLS Charlotte kicks off, it's never too early to look at potential Designated Players for the club, right? This is the fun stuff.
  • Scouting and an Academy as the Foundation

    Tepper and company have done a great job creating a roster philosophy here, one that has proven a consistent winner – create an academy as your long-term foundation and utilize under-valued resources to fill out key positions.
  • From Seattle and Europe to Charlotte 

    Who are Marc Nicholls and Zoran Krneta, the first two men tasked with shaping the foundation of our MLS club? Scouting and academy experts with certain advantages that make them great hires for Charlotte and David Tepper.
  • Mint City Chapters: It's Our Turn Now

    Can you imagine showing up in Uptown for a game, standing alongside friends from your Carolina city or Charlotte neighborhood, and then joining with other chapters at our march to the match to fill the lower bowl with a sea of blue and mint?
  • A Christmas gift for Charlotte that keeps on giving 

    We were thinking about this game, this league, that so many of us have loved for so long. It's coming to our city, the one that we've all made home. And this moment provides us with so much opportunity.