• Crowned in Glory: Charlotte Football Club is Born

    So, was it worth the wait? For me personally, as a designer and a self-professed brand nerd, Charlotte FC was the ideal option and the crest is simplistically complex.
  • MLS Returns in Orlando (We Hope)

    Let's hope we can all distract ourselves a bit with this July MLS Returnament as the world tries to get back to some semblance of normal. We'll be discussing all the games in the MCC Slack too, so we hope to see you there.
  • Building a Club, Making Dreams Come True

    Just six months in, Charlotte MLS is already helping young athletes build their dreams for the future while developing its young squad amidst a major shakeup in the elite youth academy structure.
  • Mint City Goes Gaming

    In March 2020, the sports world (as we knew it then) came to a screeching halt due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the idea to revive a Carolina FIFA league was given life. 
  • A 28-team NFL/MLS Mashup

    Today, we asked two of our regular writers to take the world that many Charlotteans are more familiar with – the NFL – and slam it into the world we're introducing to the new soccer fan – MLS. 
  • Zoom Calls and MLS Introductions

    "How often do you get to be a part of creating something this massive? We know news has been slow, but we encourage all of you to keep the excitement up and get involved as things roll out."
  • Mint City's Leadership in 2020

    Have questions? Let us know, preferably in the MCC Slack. Want to run for an office? Yes. Please. Look towards what we hope will be the inaugural season opener in February 2021 and ask yourself what role you'd like to play to get us there.
  • Mint City: We're All Here For Each Other

    Don't let depression or fear or any emotion get the best of you and allow you to slip. I am here for you. We are here for you. And there will be positivity and fun at the end of all of this. 
  • The Power of Sports: Nashville responds to tragedy

    Seeing the response from our soccer friends in Tennessee reinforces the positive potential of groups like these, of sports like ours, and reminds us of the power that we all have to do good in our community.
  • A Family Affair: Soccer and our kids

    Seeing the ball hit the net for the first time in 2021, cheering for last-minute winners, and yes, sports-hating on our rivals together – these are the memories that this new Charlotte MLS team has given me the chance to create with my family.
  • 2 Weeks of MLS games: 2 Sentences and 1 Big Question

    The 2020 Major League Soccer season is now underway, and we've been given the first glimpses of what this season could become. So what better way to break down the first two weeks than by giving you a two-sentence review and one big question for each of the 26 teams?
  • One man's 2020 MLS preseason predictions

    As the league continues to improve, the races to become the best of the best in MLS will be even tighter in 2020. Who's in line to win each of the league’s individual honors at the end of the season? And what teams will be hoisting trophies this year? Let's find out, as we look at 14 different honors available in 2020.