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New Player Signing: Adam Armour

Written by Cole Godfrey

Adam Armour has signed with Charlotte F.C. on a two and a half year contract with a one year option. Adam comes back to his home state to wear the crown from German club F.C. Nurnberg. Armour is the sixth signing of the club and also the youngest at 18. Armour has featured with the U.S. U-17 team 19 times and caught the eye of his new hometown club.


Armour will be working alongside recent acquisitions Christian Fuchs and Jan Sobocinski in the back for Charlotte in the 2022 MLS season. With three defenders and three midfielders signed, the back is starting to take shape for Charlotte. It was important in this humble writer's opinion that they got a young defender alongside the likes of Fuchs. The more time spent on and off the pitch with an experienced defender like Fuchs the better.

The young defender is a product of the North Carolina FC Academy. He has featured for the U19 F.C. Nurnberg has played on two occasions since signing for the club in 2020. He has one goal in his limited action due to the pandemic.

Nick Kelly recently went on The Mint City Soccer Show, and he spoke about the club's newest signing. "Obviously, he has huge Carolina ties, he started up in the Raleigh area playing for NCFC, which is a great program," he said. Which says something about the mindset of the club and wanting to keep local Carolina talent close to home.

Kelly continued by saying, "So for us to have both his U.S. national team experience plus playing for a great academy team has been awesome. But unfortunately, for him, he went to Nurnberg, you know during the middle of COVID which created tons of challenges." He went on to say, "were lucky to have him back, so with him going to the (Charlotte) Independence and having the opportunity to stay close to us, to be able to monitor his training, and to be able to work with somebody like Brandt (Bronico), it also puts us in a position to where we're going to set him up for success."

He was asked where he sees him fitting in the team, and his response was, "It's early to tell right now. I mean, to be perfectly honest, when you look at our roster between (Jan) Sobocinski, Sergio (Ruiz), and even on top of that Christian Fuchs. He's going to have to spend some time you know, developing." He went on to say, "We signed him to a two and half year contract, so he is in a position to have time to learn and develop to where if he is getting some game time next year and then starts in his second year, he'll be in the driver's seat to kind of deliver where he wants to be. Our goal is to kind of get him back on track because he was really on track to be extremely successful and then COVID. He's really one of the casualties of COVID, because to have the opportunity to go to Nurnberg and literally have it kind of taken away from you because of COVID we just need him to get some playing time so that's what is really next up for him."

Expect to see Armour playing for the Charlotte Independence mid July after the routine physicals and logistics.

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