• Scouting and an Academy as the Foundation

    Tepper and company have done a great job creating a roster philosophy here, one that has proven a consistent winner – create an academy as your long-term foundation and utilize under-valued resources to fill out key positions.
  • From Seattle and Europe to Charlotte 

    Who are Marc Nicholls and Zoran Krneta, the first two men tasked with shaping the foundation of our MLS club? Scouting and academy experts with certain advantages that make them great hires for Charlotte and David Tepper.
  • Mint City Chapters: It's Our Turn Now

    Can you imagine showing up in Uptown for a game, standing alongside friends from your Carolina city or Charlotte neighborhood, and then joining with other chapters at our march to the match to fill the lower bowl with a sea of blue and mint?
  • A Christmas gift for Charlotte that keeps on giving 

    We were thinking about this game, this league, that so many of us have loved for so long. It's coming to our city, the one that we've all made home. And this moment provides us with so much opportunity.
  • We are the Collective. We are Charlotte.

    It was seeing all of us together, fans of the game from different pockets of our city all gathered as one, that made everything we now have so exciting.
  • MLS Charlotte to provide an affordable season ticket 

    MLS season tickets are among the best values in professional sports, and compared to other local teams, you won't need to worry about breaking your bank account in 2021.
  • An Invitation to Strike: This Tuesday

    Not many people are able to say that they were able to create and shape the supporter culture for their soon-to-be favorite soccer team from the very beginning, and that’s exactly what you are going to do.
  • Eight names, one MLS team in Charlotte

    This week, DT Soccer trademarked eight names for a potential soccer team in Charlotte. There's very little doubt as to what those eight names were trademarked for.
  • A Quick Intro to MLS 101

    Let's do a quick intro to the league, and then you can follow along throughout 2020 as we get you ready for what we hope to be the first MLS game played in Charlotte.
  • Announcement Tuesday the 17th? Let's go.

    FC Charlotte, Charlotte SC, One Carolina United Athletic Club... this soccer club (and hopefully, MCC) could be our chance to unite all of us seeking to make Charlotte our home under a new banner.
  • A Note from the President

    When the team plays here, we will be loyal. When we fill the stadium, we will sing with passion. Forever, we will represent our city and our region. Be loyal. Be passionate. Be Charlotte.

  • 2019 MLS Awards showcase both new and familiar names

    We here at the Chronicle want to spend the next, oh, fourteen months or so, introducing you to MLS as a whole. This week, we look at six players and a coach you really should know about: the winners of the 2019 MLS Awards.