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A Note from the President

(Photo: Soccer 'n' Sweet Tea)

by Jay Landskroener

In July of this year everything changed. Discussions took place regarding the formation of a group to support a Major League Soccer team in Charlotte. The ground was broken and the foundation had begun to be laid by a determined and passionate group. We (you, us) are still laying the foundation. And while we build upon Day Zero, we wait with grand expectations for the team to send their spotlight into the air.

Things were quiet for some time. Then, news regarding Charlotte and an expansion team began ramping up. Our Slack conversations are ebbing and flowing with anticipation. We anxiously wait and hope for those magical words, whatever they may be, that scream to the world like a draft pick: "And the 30th team in Major League Soccer will be [drum roll] CHARLOTTE."

But until that moment, we encourage you to continue to be engaged. Tell your friends, family, and coworkers about MCC and what MLS could mean to this city and entire region. Use your social platforms and real world conversations to bring those around you closer through soccer. Tag us in your posts showing off your MCC gear. Join us as we will be launching "Mint City Night Out" across Charlotte and the greater region soon: Kendall Jackson will be updating us with the dates, times, and locations of each. The first round will focus on prospective Chapter Bars. And we will be meeting up more often over the next few months, so stay tuned and get out.

When the team plays here, we will be loyal. When we fill the stadium, we will sing with passion. Forever, we will represent our city and our region.

Be loyal. Be passionate. Be Charlotte.

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